Photo by Jon Canlas

Photo by Jon Canlas

Hi.  I'm Ashley.

 I find the most beauty in honestly capturing real life.  The way hands touch while offering comfort, the look people in love give one another when they think nobody notices, the facial expressions, the body language, everything about the way we move tells a story.  I love trying to capture those instants.  Real life is amazing.  It's difficult and it's messy, it's imperfect but it's who we really are.

Real life is beautiful.


Q:  What kind of cameras do you shoot with?

A: I shoot a medium format film camera, along with a 35mm film camera.  It depends on the situation.


Q: What does “lifestyle” photography mean?

A:  It means that I don’t have a studio, I don’t do excessively staged shots (shots are constructed, but nothing that would look unnatural if you were doing it on your own) and my style is that of what an observer would see if you were just being yourself.  I find the most beauty in everyday life and I feel that photographs should reflect what actually was.


Q: So what does that mean about your editing?  Because I hate my double chin/blemishes/hair color/the fact my husband isn’t George Clooney.  Can you fix that?

A:  I edit minimally, which means I edit for lighting, blemishes and other things along those lines.  My job is to pose you right so that your double chin, muffin top, mamma belly and whatever else doesn’t show up in the pictures. I shoot so that you can look at the session and say, “Wow, I actually look like that.”  You will value your pictures a lot more if they’re real.


Q:  But what if I really want a picture of my kids stacked up on each other with selective coloring?

A:  If, during the session, your kids dog pile and turn black and white with random things being colored, I will totally take a picture.


Q:  What’s involved in shooting a session? 

A: It depends on the kind of session you’re wanting.  A newborn session, for example, I would come to your home and take pictures in the nursery, living area, wherever you’re comfortable.  With an engagement or family session, I would either shoot at your home, a location of your choice or I can suggest some places depending on your style and what you’re going for.  Since I use natural lighting, I don’t have a studio.  Again, we’re going for “real life” images of your real life.


Q:  What do you mean “lighting?”

A:  I use natural light so that the photographs aren’t harsh.  Colors are truer to life in natural light.


Q:  I live in Utah/Idaho/California/Mars, can you come do my birth session/newborn session/engagement session/bris?

A:  I do travel, yes, although a fee will be added to your session cost. 


Q:  Why adoption photography?

A:  I have three kids, one who came through the miracle of adoption.  Because of this, adoption photography is close to my heart.  I have packages for adopting couples, placing parents and everyone involved in the process.  Please view more information here


Q:  Why do you not give me all the images on a flash drive?

A:  Because, let's face it, if you have the images on a flash drive, you'll post them to Facebook and never look at it again.  Also, if you do print them it will probably someplace that won't be able to replicate the beautiful colors and textures that a fine-art printing company will use.  If you're going to invest in family pictures, don't give your hard-earned money to someone, go through the session and then get one iffy-quality photo to hang on your wall.  You're too awesome for that.  Each full session includes proof prints so you can see your pictures as they're meant to be seen.  

    That said, if you'd really like to have your session digitally then the images can be purchased that way.

Q: So how do I get my images then?

A:  Once your session has been processed, I will upload the images to my Instaproofs site.  I recommend getting the pictures printed because, let’s face it, if it goes on a flash drive it will ONLY ever be on a flash drive.  Print it, you’ll actually hang it and look at it.  Depending on where you live, your images will be either delivered or mailed to you.  

Q:  Film?  Is there really a difference?

A:  Gosh, yes.  Film is beautiful, it’s creamy and soft and the colors are amazing.   


Q: What's included in the price of my session?

A: A session with me includes:

     - Time on location shooting  (time varies based off of type of session)

     - 90 days online gallery for purchasing of prints

     - 10 5x7 size images for download usage of Facebook, profile pictures, etc.

     - Discount on prints ordered through Instaproofs

     -  Print proofs from the session

Q:  Team Edward or Team Jacob?

A: Team Buffy.  In all fairness, I'm team "Anything Joss Wheadon."